After repairing tens of thousands of dental handpieces for the last 8 years, we have seen just about everything (you would be shocked). We have worked with thousands of different dental offices, all across the country. In doing so, we have heard just about every question there is to ask, silly and serious! Below, we will answer the most common, and most repeated questions in a listed format; we will save the silly ones to keep for our own personal entertainment;)

How to Print a Free Mailing Label?

We have made it extremely simple to print out free mailing labels to send in your broken handpieces. Simply click here and enter your return address. It will automatically download the mailing label to print out. For any repair other than the first, we will supply you with a prepaid label, and free packaging.

How do I Begin a Repair Order?

You can create and online account here, and begin entering your handpiece serial numbers and hitting ‘create repair order’ after each serial number. You can also just send in your handpieces and we can manually create your orders for you.

How to Track my Past Repairs and Warranties:

Just simply sign in to your account! All of your current, and past repairs will be there. It will show you the date, the repair, and the warranty period.

Who Are Dental Handpiece Repair Guys?

Now, before we dive in to this fully, it is a bit of a loaded question, and I will look to first address the issue. Anyone can be a ‘dental handpiece repair guy’. There are no qualifications, certifications, classes, or training required to call yourself a repair technician. What sets us apart is our handpiece repair guy carries certifications, went through qualification training, and has almost a decade or handpiece repair experience; we know what dental handpieces can be repaired. 

Make sure that the company you are sending your handpieces to aren’t just a couple random people that call themselves repair technicians. Make sure that they have proper training, certifications, and qualifications so you can feel confident that your handpieces are getting repaired correctly, and professionally. If not, it may severely limit what dental handpieces can be repaired. 

What Dental Handpieces Can Be Repaired?

Just about any type of handpiece can be repaired, no matter the make or the model, and no if it is electric, surgical, air driven, or high speed or low speed. The question is more than typically, 

Should we spend the money to repair this handpiece?

Now this depends on a couple different variables.

  • First of all, how much is the handpiece worth itself?

    Maybe it is best to replace the handpiece with a brand new one, for a fraction of the cost, and a longer warranty, then what you would get from a repair. Secondly, how old is the handpiece, and 

  • Does it seem to be breaking down more often than usual?

    If so, it could be time to replace that handpiece with a new one. It more than likely is starting to get internal damage, and will cost more to repair than it would to replace. 

How Much Will It Cost to Repair My Dental Handpiece?

With hundreds of different makes and models now, it kind of makes this a rather complex problem, as they are all a bit different, but some of the most common pricing can be broken down as follows (Avg cost), with a bonus of their warranty periods. As always, you can Contact TruTouch Services & Repairs for a FREE estimate. Also, if you know the specific make and model you are looking for, you can view the exact cost here. We are transparent as possible when it comes to how much will it cost to repair your dental handpiece. You can view individual pricing for our best price repair electric handpiece

  • Air-Driven
    • Highspeed (6-Month Warranty): $85-$115
    • Low Speed Motors (6-Month to 1-Year Warranty, depending on Make): $180-$200
    • Low Speed Attachments (6-Month Warranty): $80-$125
    • Low Speed Heads (6-Month Warranty): $60-$100
  • Electric 
    • Highspeed (6-Month Warranty, 1-Year Warranty on Level 3 Repair): $280, Level 3 Repair- $550-$600
    • Lowspeed (6-Month Warranty): $180
    • Motors (6-Month Warranty 1-Year Warranty on Level 3 Repair): $200, Level 3 Repair- $600
  • Surgical (6-Month to 1-Year Depending on Make/Model):
    • Large Bone: $300, $600
    • Small Bone: $300-$450
    • Electric: Anywhere from $500-$1300. Really varies based on make/model. You can view the whole broken down list here.

How Long Does It Take to Repair a Handpiece?

It doesn’t take us very long at all! Once we receive the handpiece in our shop, we will notify you that SAME DAY with a free estimate, if requested. Once we hear back from you regarding the approval of an estimate, we get the handpiece shipped back within 24-hours. Most often the turnaround time in our shop is 24-hours, the fastest around!

Do Dental Handpiece Repairs Have a Warranty?

Every handpiece that comes into our shop will leave with a warranty on it. We can simply break down the warranty periods for certain repairs below:

  • 30-Day Warranty: If the repair consist of something simple like an adjustments, preventative maintenance,  or the removal of a stuck bur, the warranty will be 30-days.
  • 6-Month Warranty: If the repair consists of replacing any parts on a highspeed handpieces, or low speed handpieces (except motors), the warranty will be 6-months. 
  • 1-Year Warranty: One year warranties are for more deliberate repairs that require more time, effort and involves replacing more parts. 1-Year warranties come with overhauls on low speed motors (except NSK knock-off motors, and KaVo INTRAmatic Motors), and with Level 3 overhauls on electric handpieces. 

What Are the Common Handpiece Maintenance Mistakes?

Most maintenance related mistakes aren’t technically ‘maintenance’ they are the lack-thereof. Actually maintenance mistakes are putting lubricant into the exhaust hole rather than the air drive hole. Another mistake is not running your handpiece after lubricating with a lube dropper. You can save even more money on high speed handpiece repair using simple tricks. However, most of the mistakes are simply not performing maintenance, or rushing the sterilization process and not performing it correctly. You can view the entire post specifically on the correct handpiece maintenance here.

Any other questions? Leave a comment below and we will answer right away!