Refurbished handpieces

Exceptionally working handpieces at a fraction of the cost. All refurbished handpieces are freshly rebuilt to ensure that they are running at a level that either meets, or exceeds factory recommendations.

Lubricants and Cleaners

Keep your Handpieces in Tip-Top Shape! These Lubricants and cleaners will keep your handpieces working at their optimum level, for the longest period possible. These lubricants and cleaners are used by our team on each and every handpiece repaired; we stand behind what we sell.

Prophy Handpieces

High Quality, American made prophy motors, prophy nosecones, and chordless electric prophy systems. TruTouch offers every type of prophy handpiece you are looking for, at a price that others can not beat. USA Made, and 1 Year Warranties.