Highspeed Overhauls

Highspeed overhauls consists of replacement of bearings, seals, O-Rings, and end gaskets; cleaning of air and water lines (If applicable); lubrication, cleaning and polishing of entire handpiece. We will also replace any part that is needed to ensure optimum handpiece operation.

After every repair, all handpieces will be tested to ensure optimum performance. We will ensure that every handpiece will either meet, or exceed factory recommendations in Torque, RPM, Bur Retention, and Decibel Levels.

HighSpeed Overhaul Repair Services

A 24-Hour turnaround time, reliable and high quality repairs at Trutouch, free expedited shipping, and industry leading warranties on all repairs; this is what makes us the nations top dental handpiece repair company. Not only to we exceed the standards set by dentists across the country, we do it at a price that is up to 50% less expensive than other repair companies. We can repair your handpieces to make them like new again, while honoring and standing by our values.

The Dental Handpiece Repair Process

You can stay up to date with the progress of your high speed handpiece repair, every step of the way. We are the only repair company that allows you to track your current repairs, and past repair warranties, all from your personalized online account. We have no hidden fees, and are so confident in our low prices, that we offer free estimates on every repair.

  • Begin a Repair Order
  • Sign in, or create an account
  • Enter Handpiece serial numbers (If you would like, we can do it once they are received)
  • Print Free USPS Priority Mailing Label
  • Hand over to your USPS agent

We will notify you as soon as it is repaired, and send the Free estimate in a couple hours!

High Speed Overhauls Repair Prices

Unlike other companies, with each repair that we do, we replace the worn or broken bearings with brand new, ceramic, high quality bearings, at no extra charge! This allows our customers to receive the highest quality repairs at no extra cost. Our prices are industry leading, and if there happens to be a better price out there, we price match.

Expert Handpiece Technicians at your Service

Our technicians have been repairing handpieces for over 5 years. After repairing over 10,000 handpieces, there is nothing that we can’t repair; All makes and models, and any type of repair. Because of our vast experience, we can offer:

  • Free mailing
  • Free Estimates
  • 24-hour turnaround
  • 6-month to 1-year warranties
  • High quality repairs that you can depend on.

We Service all Brand Handpieces

We repair every type of highspeed handpiece; whether it is brand named, or a mom-and-pop store, we can fix it. Even if it is not listed below, we can repair it.