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Electric Overhauls / W&H Electric

From $100

W&H Electric Handpieces have three different levels of overhauls.

Level 1: Head/Canister Overhaul: The most common failure among electric handpiece is in the head bearings. This level of overhaul will replace head bearings, o-rings, washers, and other necessary parts needed to ensure optimum operation.

Level 2: Bearing replacement throughout handpiece: All bearings throughout
handpiece will be replaced. The second most common failure is when the
intermediate drive shaft bearings fail, when this happens, it is time to replace all of the bearings.

Level 3: Complete Internal Overhaul: After extended use of handpieces, gears, and other parts begin to dull, rust, and crack. This results in handpieces becoming dangerous to operate, and the handpiece is due for an entire internal overhaul. With this all bearings, gears, o-rings, springs, and washers will be replaced; along with any other part needed to ensure optimum handpiece performance.

Geared spindle replacement: When the chuck system begins to fail, the handpiece will no longer hold a bur, and the geared spindle/head cartridge needs replaced.

Handpiece Leaking from Neck:

Handpiece Internal Leak

Clean, Lube, and Adjustment: Sometimes the handpiece becomes out of adjustment and must be readjusted to meet factory recommendations. In this, all bearings will be cleaned and lubed, and internal and external components of the handpiece will be replaced.

Replaced Fiber Optic Rod:

6-Month Warranty on all repairs