Dental handpieces may be one of the smallest things you use in your everyday practice; however, they are sometimes the most expensive, critical, and frustrating equipment that you use. If you are having problems keeping your handpiece up and running for a time longer than 6 months, you need to first go back and read about maintenance. More than likely, you are doing something wrong, and there is a reason that it keeps breaking. Maintaining everything right? Now double check that there is no moisture in your airlines, and that your air pressure is no more than factory recommended air pressures. These 3 things will greatly increase the life of your handpieces.

Coming from dental handpiece repair, and repairing tens of thousands of different handpieces, I can tell you that proper maintenance and lube really goes a long way. When it comes to a repair, properly maintained handpieces are much easier to clean, and replace, and are much less likely to cost an arm and a leg. It is the handpieces that are definitely not taken care of that are rusted, corroded, and sometimes, unrepairable. Proper maintenance of your handpiece will almost certainly save you money in the long run. They break far less, and when they do break, the parts put into them are much less than parts needed to fix rusted and corroded handpieces. Finally, make sure your repair technician puts high quality parts inside the handpieces. If they put cheap bearings in them, well:


1) they are making more profit off of you, and;

2) You will not be getting the long lasting repairs that you should be.

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Ask them to put shielded ceramic bearings in all of their repairs. This will make your handpiece last 30% longer.  I even have dentists that request new turbines every time. These can be warrantied for a full year, and is seriously something to consider. When asking for ceramic bearings, Be careful, some repair companies charge extra.

Have anything else you want to add or discuss? Or looking for a repair company that puts ceramic bearings in all repairs and doesn’t charge extra? Visit my site and shoot me a call or email.