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Slow speed motors are an everyday thing needed in your practice; if not for the dentist, then for the RDH as they use them as prophy’s. Just like any other handpieces out there, there is an abundant amount of slow speed motors. However, it is rather difficult to review them as they all are so similar and they all work so well. So what I did was put attachments, motors, and low speed heads into the reviews as well.

Once again, these reviews are my personal opinion, and I am not here to persuade you into buying one thing or another.


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NSK & Lares- NSK has a great, long lasting, reliable, and consistent low speed motor.  They are very similar to the Lares Low Speeds with some minor things that set them apart. What really sets these two things apart is their attachments. Lares created a straight 1:1 and 4:1 attachment with an easy collet open and close that allows you to slide burs in an out very simply. These are sold at a rather inexpensive cost. NSK had good, long lasting attachments as well. Their heads work great and are very similar to Star low speed heads. 



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Star- Star seems to be one of the only companies that have created a low speed swivel/quick connect motor.  This makes it easy to rotate the motor, and you can just pop it on and off the Star coupler. One thing about Star is they have a different attachment head, therefore you have to buy all star attachments with their low speed set ups as other traditional stuff won’t fit. However, they make good quality products all across the realm of low speeds. So if you do buy all new attachments, they are great quality products that are ensured to last a long time.


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Midwest- I would say Midwest is the leader in handpiece choices, but what do you expect from the most popular and oldest brand out there? They are the creator of the world renown Shorty, and TruTorq (pictured here) and these handpieces are still being used today. Great long lasting handpieces, just a bit bulky, but they have the option of having two gears, which is a great thing. They also have other types of low speed motors and created the Midwest RDH which is a swivel prophy handpiece that is the most common handpiece among hygienists. All of midwest attachments and heads, whether new or old are high quality and great products.

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KaVo- Like many other things, KaVo thinks outside the box and creates all kinds of different options. They created the INTRAflexwhich is a low speed motor and attachment in one. Honestly, it lasts a long time, but when it breaks, it can be rather expensive to fix. The nice thing is that they don’t break often. All of their other low speed handpieces and attachments are high quality stuff. Their motors are a lot like the NSK’s and the Lares’, but their attachments set them apart. They make some of the best low speed attachments around.


Nason’s pick:

Midwest, Star, KaVo, NSK, Lares

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below! Also, visit my other two blogs to find other reviews. One on high speeds, and one on electrics.


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