It seems like to be “New and in the times” now days you have to be owning an electric handpiece set up. They are the latest and greatest in the handpiece industry, and have really changed the game… well kind of. I know many people who have switched to electrics, and then switched back. I also know many people who will never own a Pneumatic drill ever again. It seems like with mostly everything, there is mixed reviews about the products. Whether you like them or not, or whether you just want to know what is good and bad, I am here to tell you.

Before I dive into the good stuff, please note that these are my personal opinions. I am not here to persuade you are coerce you into buying and not buying anything. Really, I could care less what you buy as everything will break eventually. It won’t be a problem, as long as you send them to me;)

NSK- NSK and their Ti-Max Models have been great handpieces from what I have seen. Like any electric handpiece, you really need to lube and maintain them. There are gears in there that are spinning at 100,000 RPM’s and really need to be lubed to prevent heat, damage, and other nasty things that go on inside. The Torque, as with any electric handpiece is ridiculous.They seem to all be a bit noisier than others, and break a bit more frequently. I can’t really say this about all NSK’s, it really depends on the Dr. I’ve done repairs that lasted almost 3 years, and I have had repairs consistently last 6 months. It depends on how much you use it, and how well you take care of it.

W&H- The Synea model handpiece from W&H are exceptional handpieces. They have a problem like NSK with their water lines, but like I said, take care of them and you won’t. These handpieces seem to be very quiet and smooth. The bur is more likely to wiggle a bit more than other handpieces, but if you can handle that, then it shouldn’t be a problem for you. Great handpieces with minimal problems.

KaVo- KaVo has many different options available for purchase. They seem to be researching and developing new things, some work, some don’t. They recently released a “COMFORTdrive” which is an electric motor and attachment all in 1. I have to say, I have only worked with one client on these, and he did not like them. You can draw you own conclusion, but there were definitely problems that he had. The other KaVo’s that I have worked on have been exceptional. They run forever, they’re quiet and smooth. Their water never seems to leak, and they don’t get hot. It is a shame that the comfortdrive was problematic, they would have really had something there. Maybe it was just the maintenance routine being used? could be. One thing about the comfortdrive is that they are extremely quiet.

Bien Air- Bien Air electrics, are top notch. Their design seems to be perfected, and the handpieces rarely breaking down. They always work, and work for a long time. They aren’t the most quiet, but they are the most durable. I have had repairs just for a routine maintenance check up where I found destroyed bearings. The dentist wasn’t even complaining, and didn’t even know there was a problem.

Some aftermarket handpieces like Forza and Apollo seem to replicate NSK and other handpieces exactly. They are cheaper and aftermarket so you do get what you pay for. This is a good way to do it if you are looking for something a little bit cheaper and aren’t concerned about name brands.

Nason’s Picks:

1. Bien Air 2. W&H 3. KaVo 4. NSK

What do you think? agree or disagree? comment below, I would love to chat.

Looking for any other handpiece reviews? stay updated with my blog. My recent post reviews the pneumatic highspeeds.


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