BioLube Introductory Kit, 7 Oz. Cleaner, 7 Oz. Lubricant


Introductory Kit: 7 oz. Cleaner, 7 oz. Lubricant

The Bio Lube System is a synthetic biodegradable handpiece cleaner and lubricant system that is safe for all handpieces. It is non-toxic and non-flammable.

Introductory Kit: Qty (1) 7 Oz. Cleaner, Qty (1) 7 Oz. Lubricant

  • Extends Turbine life and eliminates the occurrence of costly repairs
  • Preserves Bearings cages and O-Rings
  • Performance exceeds Autoclave temperatures
  • Cleaner eliminates black sticky residue that leads to sluggish handpiece performance
  • Safe for all Handpieces
    • Contra Angles,
    • Scalers
    • Highspeeds
    • Low Speed Motors
    • Heads
    • Electric Handpieces