Dental handpieces break, and it sucks… But making matters worse are when handpieces get sent out to repair with missing parts, stripped screws or head caps, or sometimes even the wrong handpiece that works fine! (You’d be surprised). So to make matters easier for us, which makes matters easier for you, follow some of these easy steps to ensure that your handpieces get fixed fast, efficiently, and are just standard repairs that don’t need extra parts. This article will help you understand and prepare dental handpiece for repair.

Importance of Dental Handpiece Repair

Oh boy, where do I begin? Plus, you already know the importance! Let me just make this simple; if your handpieces are broken, they need to be fixed. If they don’t get fixed, the world could very likely end… Ok, maybe not that intense, but you get the point. Handpieces break, handpieces need fixed, even if they are electric dental handpiece repair. If you don’t, that’s fine; you’re just going to pay A LOT to replace them. So just repair them? It’s important to the operation of your business. You will be happy that you did, because if you don’t they won’t work! Wonder what dental handpieces can be repaired? We have a whole article about it!

How to Prepare Your Dental Handpiece for Repair and Maintenance

Don’t worry, we aren’t about to walk you through a 3 hour process to get your handpieces ready to send it. Really, it takes about 30 seconds, even if it is an electric dental handpiece repair. One of the simplest things to do, and something that you do every time anyways, is sterilize the handpiece. Alright, nice job! You are pretty much done. Just a couple more simple things that will help ensure everything goes smooth and easy during the entire process.

Inspecting the Handpiece for Damage

Obviously the handpiece is broken, that is why it is being sent for repair. But, can you see anything else that looks abnormal? Just take a look at external scratches, signs of wear, debris, dents, or anything else that doesn’t look normal. Does the handpiece look brand new other than it doesn’t work? Well, perfect. Does it have a huge dent in the head? Well don’t be surprised when you get a quote saying they need to ream the dent out. One of the worst things, is sending in a brand new handpiece and it comes back scratched, and dirty; something that no repair company should ever do (even though it still happens). Just make mental notes of some things you may notice that don’t seem right, it could help in the long run of things.

Disassembling the Handpiece

I can sum this topic up in one word: “DON’T!” We are trained repair technicians, you are the trained experts in all things in the mouth. There is no need to disassemble the handpiece yourself, especially if it is an electric dental handpiece services. More often than not, it ends up causing more damage. If it doesn’t cause more damage, there is definitely an increased chance of losing parts during shipping. Not much worse than taking your handpiece apart that needs a simple adjustment, but the turbine gets lost somewhere along the way, and not your $40 repair is now $200. Plus, it doesn’t save you any money, prices are all the same, wether the handpieces are disassembled, or not. Let us do the work, that is what we are paid for 😉

Packaging and Sending for Repair

This is the most important thing to ensure your handpieces arrive in the same shape that they left. You don’t want dings and scratches or dents, just from USPS throwing your package around that wasn’t properly protected. Or worst case scenario, losing a handpiece in transit. Most companies provide their own packaging, which his great. But we recommend going out of your way to ensure that your handpieces are properly protected so they reach their destination in one piece. Wrapping them individually in bubble wrap is the best way to ensure they will be safe-and-sound all the way to and from your shop. It costs next to nothing, and it takes you 3.5 seconds.

Important Considerations When Choosing a Repair Service

What’s even more important than preparing to send your handpieces out? Knowing you are sending them to a reputable, honest company that will take great care of them while ensuring that you are getting the best service, at the best price. Additionally, the company’s staff should be proficient in their job and possess a deep understanding of what needs to be fixed, what dental handpieces can be repaired, and which ones can’t. If you are going to spend any more time at all on preparing your handpieces for repair, spend that time making sure that the company is treating your handpieces just as good, if not better than you are. If you are looking for a high speed handpiece repair, or an nsk electric handpiece repair, or anything else along lines of repairs…. take a look at us!


I hope this helps guide you through the simple steps of getting your handpieces ready for repair. They are extremely simple steps that are completely voluntary. They just help ensure that everything is efficient, fast, and nothing becomes damaged during shipping. Would you like some bubble wraps mailers for your next repair? We provide you with our own!