Get the Most Life out of Your Handpieces

Something that can be such a small part of daily routine, can sometimes be the most costly, and even the most annoying. Dental handpieces are some of the most precisely engineered, and most commonly used tool in the dental industry. There are 4-5 huge players in the...

Review of High Speed Electric Handpieces

It seems like to be “New and in the times” now days you have to be owning an electric handpiece set up. They are the latest and greatest in the handpiece industry, and have really changed the game… well kind of. I know many people who have switched...


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First off, I would like to offer my deepest condolences for anyone directly, or indirectly, affected by this virus. It is a tough time for many, and I am always here to help in whatever way possible.

While suspending routine care, majority of dental offices are still offering emergency dental services for those in need. TruTouch will keep our doors open as an essential business to provide services to offices in need. If you have any handpiece problems, we will help get them resolved as soon as possible.

With offices suspending hygiene and routine patients, now is a perfect time for preventative maintenance, or to get that pile of handpieces finally repaired.

I believe the true spirit of the American people will prevail. Support your local small businesses, and do whatever you are able to in order to avoid the spread of this virus.